The problem

My 2006 Kawasaki ZX6R street bike sits more than it rolls. I’ve just lost my taste for it – the high strung motor, the rear set rearsets, the low clipons – my track time on a motorcycle has gone to a dedicated race bike and the ZX is not what I want for street riding.


But it’s what I have. I dream of Motus MSTs, more practically Triumph Street Triples (yeah, I’m all over the place), however the cheapest option seems to be keeping what I have and finding a way to make it work for me. So I’ve committed to a last ditch effort: make my ZX6R a comfortable street motorcycle.

And to that end…

The solution?

Vario foot pegs

I currently have Woodcraft rear sets. They rock at the track, but they are not comfortable for cruising. Scratch that – that are anti-comfortable for cruising. I’ll return to stock rear sets which will allow the use of MFW‘s Vario foot pegs.


The Vario is an interesting product that mounts to stock rear sets and adds an extension between the rear set and foot peg. This allows you to lower your pegs and adds some forward/backward adjustability. Cramped and tired legs? Solved!

Apex Manufacturing’s Adjustable Clip-ons

Apex Manufacturing makes a pretty basic but compelling kit for height-adjustable clip-ons.



That’s it, I think…

Hand and foot positions seem to be the biggest cause for discomfort while tooling around on the ZX. So those are the must-solve issues. A cushy seat, a nicer windshield – that stuff will be worth diving into once I’m smiling again on long highway stints 🙂

Will report back soon!


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