Changing your own tires

I mount my own tires because – I don’t know why. You save money, but it takes an order of magnitude longer to do than if you brought your wheels to a pro.

How I break the bead


My bestest friends who got me into motorcycling woke me up to this form of self punishment some 10 years ago. We were track day junkies and my bud was like “get a No Mar mount/demount bar and change your own tires” and I was like “sh*t yeah!”


Makeshift changer – that pipe is clutch

So I’ve got this MRP dirt bike tire changing stand, a No Mar bar, and some seriously primitive pieces of wood and pipe, and for years I’ve been mounting my own sport bike tires.

No Mars’s “yellow thing”: the 3rd hand

I think changing road tires is something I never thought was a DIY activity. I just never thought it was something Joe Schmoe could reasonably do on his own. And actually, it isn’t (without a serious investment in a real changer). But you know what? I disappear late at night, waste 2+ hours, and I come back with new kicks on my rims. And I’m pretty flippin impressed with myself and the world when this happens.

No Mar’s bar makes it possible

So there. But seriously, I don’t recommend this.


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